Dealing With Gear Issues On An Automatic Car

  • Date 01/02/2015

The most luxurious cars in the world nowadays are automatic cars with stunning finishes. Unfortunately, these best cars also gain problems over time and it shouldn’t be taken lightly. Gear Issues are common problems that are associated with the gearbox.

Over times your car will break and leak a fluid from the transmission. This might be one of the serious problems because if it doesn't get sorted out you will have a problematic shifting gears issues. Irregular shifting may destroy the gearbox because the incorrect gear could have been engaged during the wrong speed it was specified. For example, if you are driving fast on a highway and you change your cars hear to the first gear, you will break the teeth because it cannot handle the tension which developed in such a speed. The first gear is always bigger in diameter because it function is for creating the force required to do the initial movement.

The transmission can also experience an oil leakage. This fluid will look red. It flows from the filler tube base which is located between the engine and transmission the selector shaft, , the drain hole, or the radiator. Oil leakage is not good as it means that there is a hole somewhere allowing air to move into the car. Oil is also the source of lubrication inside the engine and keeps the mechanisms cool.

The oil filter could get clogged at any time. The filter are suppose to keep the oil clean by keeping any dust or particles out of the engine. Oil supplies the car with the lubrication so that there is no friction in the mechanism movement.

Friction will causes overheating and worn out parts. If you are experiencing any delayed shifting and oil leaking it is likely that the filter has been clogged. This filter also keeps the gearbox clean dust away from dust and particles whilst it shifts. If you experience delayed shifting it could mean that there maybe something blocking the system from making smooth motions.

Shifting gears incorrectly can be easily felt. It often sounds like the engine is groaning as if it has gone up one gear too many. This will lead to a decrease of movement and slow pulling motion which not allowing the car to move faster until it regains its speed again.

Automatic cars are harder to fix when it comes to gearbox problems because these cars clutch are differently set than the manual ones. However, this doesn't mean that it is irepairable, but never repair your car on your own if you have no clue what to do. A professional mechanic should have the knowledge to fix the problem with ease.